Infinix shows Commitment to Entertainment and Youth Empowerment with Turn Up Friday

Infinix is plunging deeper into the business of seeking out young and talented entertainers and empowering them.

Over the years, they’ve developed a track record for doing this in several ways and at any chance they get. Activities like the #InfinixStormX, #Hot8Concert, and the #InfinixHot10Stars are all testaments to Infinix’s resolve to empower young entertainers. Now, they are doing it in another fashion through the ongoing Friday night live party – #TurnUpFridayWithInfinix.

Infinix is running two challenges concurrently in this program. One is suited for the twinkle toes; dancers with moves that are sleeker than greased hair, while the other is suited for singers. The first is called the #DanceChallengeEmpoweredByInfinix while the latter is the #InfinixTUFStarOfTheWeek Challenge.

In this week’s episode of Turn Up Friday, lucky winners from both campaigns were invited on stage and awarded with the grand prize of 200,000. Infinix gave these lucky winners the privilege of showing their talents to a vast audience and they have walked away feeling more encouraged to keep pursuing their dreams.

Clearly Infinix has the heart of a vast majority of Millennials and Generation Zers in Nigeria. Initiatives like this helps you understand why.    

For more information on the #InfinixTUFStarOfTheWeek Challenge, #DanceChallengeEmpoweredByInfinix or #TurnUpFridayWithInfinix, visit Infinix on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram at @Infinixnigeria. You can also join their community of young and vibrant fans on XClub via the app on your Infinix device or click on this link to download the app if you’re a non Infinix user.

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