Kida absolves NBBF of blames over inability to organize Basketball league

President of the Nigeria Basketball Federation Engr. Musa Kida has absolved the NBBF of blames following the inability of the Federation to stage the Nigeria Premier basketball league for over two years now which has left players and coaches very frustrated.

Kida speaking in a chat with empathized with league players, coaches, and other stakeholders in Nigerian basketball but stressed that the NBBF has been held down by the legal entanglement of the warring faction that took the NBBF to court with an injunction to stop the Premier division of the basketball league in Nigeria from holding.

“I really I’m very disturbed and I’m as frustrated or even more as themselves because I see we have opportunity to play the league but I’m frustrated by the legal entanglement that ties my hand to even attempt or try to play the league.

“The people that took NBBF to court are hell-bent on NBBF spending the whole four years without the Premier League. There is no reason whatsoever to stop people from playing basketball.”

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