2021 Best Betting Strategy: How to Stake On Your Favourite football Matches in Nigeria

How to Stake On Your Favourite football Matches in Nigeria

Best Betting Strategy: How to Stake On Your Favourite football Matches in Nigeria

Football betting in Nigeria is a lucrative business, and for many, it’s a source of income – another side hustle to complement the daily, weekly or monthly earnings.

Since NairaBet launched the business in Nigeria, the market has opened up for many other betting companies like Bet9ja, BetKing, Betway and so on. The industry has seen much growth than any other industries in the country. It’s the fastest growing industry in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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In this article, you’ll have the best betting strategy. 

You’ll learn how and where to stake your bet on some of the biggest football matches including your favourite soccer leagues; the premier league, champions league, German league, international and national League – Africa cup of Nations, world cup, friendly matches.

Let’s start by looking at the best betting sites in Nigeria.

Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

1. NAIRABet 

NairaBet is one of the best sports bookmakers in Nigeria. It’s probably the oldest and began its operations in the country in 2009 and by the end of 2012, it became the most popular betting company with many outlets.

NairaBet offers bettors a smooth betting experience in sports ranging from Football, Tennis, Basketball to Cricket.

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NairaBet is licensed and regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.


Bet9ja is a popular sports betting site – a Nigeria online bookmaker company offering a betting opportunity to both young and old in Nigeria.

Traded under the KC Gaming Network Limited, Bet9ja has gained recognition all over the country and Africa for being a former sponsor of the Nigeria National League. And its recent official sponsorship of Big Brother Naija 2020, has seen the brand growing and expanding in the heart of many Nigerians. 

Betting experience on Bet9ja is second to none. Their website layout makes it easy for bettors to open an account with little to no knowledge of computers. Users can deposit and withdraw easily. And their customer’s service is top-notch.


From the name “Merry” you can be sure of having fun while you bet on your preferred, favourite football and other games. Merrybet’s website is mobile-friendly, and if security is your concern, choose Merrybet – because, you can be sure of secure and protected data. Their odds are competitive and allow you to place a bet on in-play or games that have already started.

With Merrybet, you get a 100% welcome bonus. Depositing funds is quite simple and you can withdraw almost instantly and get your money in a few hours.

4. 22BET

22Bet, Although new in the market, it comes with lots of modern-day football betting experience by offering exciting and interesting betting options in the market. Customer’s data is encrypted using a 128-bit SSL encryption. 

22Bet is licensed and regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

It also offers its first-time customers with a welcome bonus of 100%. Depositing funds is easy as well as withdrawing funds.

22Bet join the rest of the betting companies with competitive odds and exciting features like cash out, in-play betting and so on.


Surebet247 has been around for some time now and one thing that separates them out is the fast method of paying their customers. But that’s not all…

They offer competitive odds and exciting betting markets for bettors. The website is mobile-friendly which means you can place a bet on your phone away from your laptop. They also have outlets across the country where you can place bets and win big especially when you do not have a smartphone.

Another interesting thing, which you may not find in some betting company is the 100% welcome bonus. And other freebies for existing and loyal customers.

6. BET365

Bet365 has the highest odds in Nigeria. They offer welcome bonuses to customers on the bet slip. Bet365naija offers 30% to their agents and 40% to their operators on weekly profit.

Betting experience on desktop and mobile devices is almost the same – no feature is missing and is mobile responsive.

Customer support is a top-class one as the response rate is faster and higher.

And when it comes to security, you can be sure of a secured transaction and encrypted data.

7. Betway

Betway offers competitive odds as well. Plus a welcoming bonus of 100% bonus up to 30,000NGN.

However, a minimum deposit of 2000 NGN is required for you to enjoy the bonus.

You can place a bet on an in-play game and an already started game. Betway provides a special package called keno that constantly puts money in customers’ pockets.

There are many outlets in Nigeria where bettors who do not have a device or feel like betting on a paper slip can go to and place bets.

Agents at the outlets get between 30% and 45% weekly profit.


Mybet9ja is totally different from bet9ja. Mybet9ja has some amazing features as well as better odds in the market. It has a 100% welcoming bonus for first-time deposit. Their website is mobile responsive and they also provide an outlet for people who wish to bet but do not have a mobile device or a desktop. Try mybet9ja and you’ll not regret betting with them.


SportyBet is another betting company with exciting features and a mobile app in addition to the responsive mobile web and desktop version.

SportyBet also offers competitive odds in the market and you can stake on a different type of sports such as football, tennis, hockey, baseball, cricket, volleyball, basketball etc.

There’s live streaming, virtual soccer betting, in-play option.

Depositing funds is easy and you can request for withdrawals and get the money in your account in just a few hours.


Winnersgoldenbet(WGB) is by far one of the best betting sites in Nigeria. The website design is intuitive, responsive with a personalized experience. When you visit the site for the first time, the system will collect and store the device you’ll be using to access the site so that you can be sure of an improved and personalized experience.

WGB offers a 100% bonus for first-time deposit. And lots of freebies for existing and loyal customers.

They have options that you can easily use to deposit funds and withdrawals are processed almost immediately.


Bet King is among the most popular and fastest-growing betting companies in Nigeria. They offer both live soccer bets and virtual betting online and also have many outlets across the country.

You can bet on various games of your choice including, baseball, cricket, hockey, tennis, and basketball. They offer virtual soccer games including the exclusive Kings’ League and Color-Color.

BetKing offers better competitive market odds covering all the major sporting events and leagues across Europe and the world.

Other features include:

  • 100% double deposit welcome bonus for first-time customers.
  • Fast Pay-out.
  • Bonus and Promos.
  • Agents’ commission up to 30%.
  • Cash-out.


NaijaBet offers exciting betting features and options in the market. You can bet on soccer, tennis, ice hockey, basketball and also allows you to bet on special categories such as politics.

There’s virtual betting on badminton, motor racing, cycling, football, table tennis, and archery.

NaijaBet also offers 100% bonus to customers and some amazing promotions and freebies for existing customers.

You can be sure of the safety of your money and personal information on their website. Their odds are high and you bet on games that have already started.

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Many people prefer to bet at any of the nearest betting outlets, probably due to the fear of risks. But what they don’t know is that online betting comes with lots of benefits and even more profitable.

Online sports bookmakers offer their customers a 100% welcome bonus when they open an account with them. 

And when you’re committed to their platform, they reward you with lots of freebies, promotions and offers.

Apart from this, another benefit that comes with the online soccer betting site is varieties of open market to stake on. This is something players betting at shop outlets don’t get.

Also, sports betting online comes with the opportunity of last-minute changes.

With online betting, you can easily keep track of late-game changes, leveraging on it for a better outcome.

Understanding the betting odds and market

These tips apply to football around the world such as European major leagues, Africa leagues, Asia and South America leagues. for example:

English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, English FA Cup, Carling Cup, Spanish La Liga, Super cup.

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Accumulators Tips:

These are quite common to all the betting sites in Nigeria. An accumulator bet is a bet with multiple selections. In order to win an accumulator, all your betting selections must correspond to your predictions. Although some companies will offer you a refund if a single game cut your ticket. Or some will multiply it by your odds and pay according to the outcome of the match.

One benefit that comes with an accumulator bet is that you can stake low and end up winning big in less than 2hours. 

You should always visit the terms and conditions that apply to any betting types.

Straight Win:

This is a basic betting type and expects to find it in all the soccer bookmarking sites.

In this case, you’re staking your bet on, favouring aside to come out as the winner. For example, you can predict the outcome of a match between Chelsea and Liverpool to be Liverpool to-win. And at the end of the game, if that happens then you go home with your cash.

Double Chance:

This gives bettors an opportunity to place a double chance bet on their favourite matches. Here you predict two outcomes and when anyone occurs, you will. For example, you can extend the straight win by predicting that Liverpool either wins or draw.

Both Team to Score:

This is usually designated with G/G. That is a goal/goal. Meaning both teams will score in the encounter. 

Over/under Betting odds:

Over/under place many bettors at a much easier side to win. You can easily use the pass records and current form to predict the number of goals that’ll be scored. The benefit here is that anyone can score as long as the number of goals is over or under depending on what the bettors have staked on.

Draw No Bet

This is also common among sports bookmarkers.  Betting on sports like this makes your stake protected. If a bettor backs a team in a  Draw no bet market, he wins if his team emerge winner, and in the case of a draw, the full stake will be refunded. But he loses his bet if the backed team lose the game.

Outright Bet 

is a type of bet placed on the outcome of an entire league or competition rather than on an individual game. Punters place this type of bet before the season starts. Although one can bet during the course of the competition, the odds decrease as the game progresses.

A Point Spread 

A point spread can be considered a sort of handicap. Rather than betting on a team to win, you can predict the favourite to win by a set number of points (point spread).

Evens Bet 

Evens bet is a bet placed at odds of 2.00 (1/1). And is referred to as the even odds. It is seen as an ideal bet for players who mostly bet on singles. The benefit in this type of bet is…it doubles your stake if you guessed correctly.

Since NairaBet launched the business in Nigeria, the market has opened up for many other betting companies like Bet9ja, BetKing, Betway and so on. The industry has seen much growth than any other industries in the country. It’s the fastest growing industry in Nigeria and Africa at large.

How to Win Big in Virtual Football Betting

1. Learn and understand the rudiments

The mistake many new punters make is diving into the game without understanding how it works. They see people playing it and then they want to play. To successfully win in virtual football you have to learn from those people who have been staking in it for some time. During this time you can even sit and watch the pattern the algorithm uses to award winners or settle for a draw.

2. Bet With Little Amount

After you must have studied and understood the rudiments of virtual soccer betting, you can now start placing the bet. Practice makes perfect but you must do this with a little amount of money at first and then increase your stake as you understand the nitty-gritty of the game.

At this stage, you must have patience because just like every other sports betting, the more you stake the higher your winnings. Appreciate the little wins and build on it.

3. Stop chasing your losses

Chances are high you will lose out on some games many times even in a day. But when you lose, take a break, watch the pattern and try again. Virtual sports betting can make you lose all you’ve earned. Remember, you’re playing against a computer that’s been trained to do its work with data.

4. Target a particular market

To make a profit, you might need to take some time out to study the market and figure out ways to make increase profit margins. When you have a particular market that’s given you lots of returns, its advisable to stick to such market first while you learn other markets. Punters who maintain a particular virtual betting strategy make more profit from virtual football betting than those who play in many markets.

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