Brila FM CEO urges Nigerians to observe Covid safety protocols

The Chairman/CEO of Brila Media, Dr. Larry Izamoje who earlier tested positive for the ravaging coronavirus spoke on air after testing negative for the second time.

“Having twice tested negative after a real battle for life over the last Christmas and New year day celebrations, I join in admonishing all to follow government’s advisory on Covid. It is real, very real,” He said.

‘It is sad that we still have people who argue Covid does not exist. Some have even alleged those who use their experiences to advise people are paid, agents. I am on a mission to save lives and that is why I tell my story.’


He also enjoined all and sundry to observe the COVID-19 safety protocols as listed below.

• Wear a mask.
• Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arm lengths) from others
• Avoid crowds.
. Regularly wash your hands and/or sanitize
.Don’t put your fingers on your face or into your nose


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