Four Benefits of Social Media

How often do you use social media to mindlessly scroll for hours at any one time? Click here to find out the four benefits that social media offer you.


The growth of new technology has seen a wave of social media take over most of our lives. Social media essentially encompasses different websites and apps that we can access on a browser or mobile phone that allow us to create, share and connect with others. It also serves as a platform to engage with content that is regularly created. Having this platform for expression and networking has meant that individuals from across the world are making the most of technology and using what they have like never before. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about this, continue reading for the four most common benefits of social media that we all experience.

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Helps us connect


One of the benefits of social media is that it helps us connect with people across the world; this is because it is almost entirely universal meaning that millions have access to it around the globe. The social networking platforms means we can connect and interact for free, as long as we have a stable internet connection and a mobile or desktop device. With this, we can stay updated about people’s lives including not only those we know but also celebrities and athletes. This allows us to connect like never before and enjoy browsing our audiences.


Keeps us up to date


Social media also serves as a great platform for the news to operate and other types of services which allows those who use social media to benefit from it. Studies suggest that social media has actually become the main source of online news, with approximately 65% of social media users receiving breaking news from different online sites and apps. This is useful as it allows consumers to stay up to date on the latest news stories and trends.


Social media also allows us to engage in discourse surrounding sports, politics, culture and so on. For instance, people can take the current understanding and views of sports into account and engage in live betting as a result to increase their chances of winning. Individuals are widely influenced by what the current talk is on social media, and this can be considered a benefit in different ways.


Educates us


Social media has somewhat tightened the gap in terms of education inclusivity as it acts as an educational source for many people across the globe. Some sites even offer the ability to connect with academic platforms such as university apps and provide the opportunity for distance learning at little to no cost. Students and workers alike are able to search for useful information to help them with their studies and work too. Perhaps one of the largest benefits reaped from social media is that it serves as a fantastic tool to network and market yourself. Sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook allow individuals to make connections with others that may be beneficial for their careers.


Helps our businesses grow


Many different businesses – both large and small – are taking to social media to control their marketing services. Through social media, these companies are able to interact with their customers and even engage with paid advertisements to promote their goods and services. Using social media allows businesses to gather great rapport with their already existing customers and use this as a valuable tool to widen their audience.


Businesses also use different forms of social media to communicate with their customers, to take orders and provide decent customer service. This is more the case for small businesses since they are unable to afford digital e-commerce platforms.


What benefits does social media have for you?


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