Blackstock making millions from Property and pharmaceutical


It is normal for ex-footballer to venture into coaching after their careers, but one former Championship star has gone down a markedly different route in order to put his entrepreneurial expertise to good use.

Dexter Blackstock made 350 appearances for eight different clubs over the course of his 14-year career, earning the reputation as one of the second-tier’s deadliest strikers during his time at Nottingham Forest.

Blackstock retired at the relatively young age of 30 to pursue a foray into the world of business, after becoming disillusioned with life in the professional game while plying his trade at Rotherham United.

Four years later, he is a successful entrepreneur in the property and pharmaceutical sectors, and has big plans that have been tipped to revolutionise the medicine industry.

The former marksman has founded MediConnect, an innovative blockchain solution designed to address the ever-growing issue of patients being overprescribed medication.

The ability to register with several companies and obtain multiple prescriptions without proper checks is believed to contribute towards addiction and overdose fatalities.

But Blackstock is convinced that his MediConnect project can help counter the issue, saving lives and reducing NHS costs in the process.

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“As it stands, there is nothing to stop anyone ordering drugs from one online pharmacy, then exactly the same with another company and then going down to their local GP and topping up with the same,” Blackstock told The Sun last month.



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