Bruce to Fernandes: You need trophies to be Eric Cantona


Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes has been likened in some quarters to Eric Cantona.

Fernandes has been a galvanising force since his arrival at Old Trafford from Sporting Lisbon a little over a year ago; his impact has been likened to when Eric Cantona arrived at the club nearly 30 years ago, preceding a period of sustained success.

But in a swift reaction Newcastle boss Steve Bruce insists that winning trophies is the only way the comparison can hold water. The Portuguese he said will have to win trophies to make the comparison last the distance.

Bruce recognises how influential Fernandes has been but feels the attacking midfielder can only be put alongside his former united team-mate by bringing some silverware to the club.

“What you have to judge people on over a period of time is what they’ve won. Certainly, Eric for us, was the catalyst to go and win things,” Bruce said ahead of Newcastle’s trip to Old Trafford on Sunday evening.

“The way Fernandes has played in the last 12 months, it feels a bit like Eric because it’s his stage. Eric adored everything that went with playing for arguably the biggest and best club in the world.

“Fernandes has done fantastically well in doing that, it’s his stage. For it to be even suggested that he’s on the same hymn sheet as Eric is a wonderful compliment to him.

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“Now they have to go and achieve and win things the way Eric did, and on big occasions win cup finals and semi-finals. If he does that, then of course you can compare him to Eric.”

In a battle of Uniteds, Manchester will face Newcastle on Sunday and the unity of purpose in both teams will come to the fore after 90 minutes.

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