Rudiger: I appreciate how lucky I am playing football

Chelsea defender, Toni Rudiger, appreciates being able to play football through the government lockdown.

Rudiger recognises he’s lucky to be working,

He said in the Chelsea match programme: “This is not about how testing it is for me, in my head, because I’m lucky I can keep doing my job.

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“I am privileged to be tested twice a week – there are people that have it much, much more difficult than I do. So, I think this is not testing or hard for us. I am privileged, I really am. I’m thankful because I can do my job, I can exercise and I can do what I love. For me, you just do what they tell you to do, and that’s it.

“I just hope things will get better for all of us as quickly as possible, not just in football but in life in general. I just hope things get better soon, and we are not so much in danger anymore.”

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