Kamaru Usman happy to visit Nigeria after 26 years

UFC reigning welterweight champion Kamaru Usman says he’s delighted to visit Nigeria again after a long time.

Kamaru Usman arrived the country from base in United States of America on Wednesday.

The 34-year-old was born in Auchi, and Edo State, but he left Nigeria to join his father in United States when he was eight years old.

The Nigerian Nightmare has he’s fondly called by his fans said : “Ilooked at my passport and realised I hadn’t been home since I was akid, that’s when I knew it was time and I’m delighted to be backhome Kamaru was quoted saying.

Kamaru, who is Nigeria’s first ever undisputed UFC welterweightchampion is currently in Kogi State where he’s leading campaign forsports development.

Kamaru Usman sealed his place in the history of UFC with second victory over Jorge Masvidal to extend his winning streak to 14.

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