5 Reasons Why Your Woman Is Unhappy With You In Bed


Ever thought if your woman is faking an orgasm while with you? well, most women do it just to make their man feel good and make their ego remain intact. If you want to be truthful, s3xual problems are very common in men, stress, alcohol, sleep is the major causes of low s3xual performances in men.

There are several things that can make you have a low performance in bed which will automatically make your woman sad, below are some of those things that are affceting your performance.

ED due to hypertension: “Suffering from high blood pressure at an early age is very common these days, but since it has no symptoms it goes unnoticed until too late and this could lead to erectile dysfunction as both the conditions are interconnected, so, if you are having a problem with an erect!on in bed, get your pressure checked or else both your heart and s3xual health might go for a toss” .

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Premature ejaculation: “Nobody needs to tell you if you are ejaculating prematurely, this means the time taken to ejaculate is less than one minute which might not lead to an orgasmic pleasure for your girl and leave you unsatisfied, if this is a regular thing in bed visit a doctor to get things sorted”.

Delayed ejaculation: “Delayed ejaculation or orgasm can be equally bad for your s3x life, this means unable to ejaculate even after you have been satisfied sexually. This lead to frustration and continuous action even after your partner has orgasm and your partner might be in pain, annoyance and total sexual dissatisfaction which is a big reason she might avert s3xual interaction with you so you need to get this checked out too”.

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Low testosterone: “Like many other conditions, this too cannot be self-diagnosed. But you can know the symptoms like low libido, hair loss, loss of muscle mass and much more, they can make your s3x life go for a toss and even when she is in a mood you might just not be able to reach the pinnacle of s3xual pleasure as you both desire the same”.

Stress: “It is not for nothing that we blame stress for everything because high-stress levels could lead to all of the other problems discussed and make your s3x life go spiralling down the lane, you might just doze off even after pulling her in bed for action which can be very annoying”.

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