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5 Tips To Help You Survive Monday



Yes yes, most Mondays arrive with different shades of stress; frantic work drive and  emotional upheavals are classic companions of the day. There you are wishing that the weekend is not over, yet Monday morning is right at your door. Pause for a minute and consider the following helpful tips that can make your Monday better.

  1. Eat breakfast.


Have you ever tried reading an email as soon as you arrive at work and found that your eyes kept roaming around the first line and you simply couldn’t assimilate? Perhaps it is because you didn’t eat before leaving home.

Experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Going to work hungry can result in short attention span and diminished productivity at tasks. Start the day with optimal concentration and boost your performance by going for something light before you hit the road.


  1. Start light and schedule meetings for after lunch.

To avoid the pressure of a cluttered Monday calendar, begin your day with light activities. Check emails, browse online for updates in your industry and catch up on general information that could boost your efficiency. Don’t be in a hurry to launch into frenzy; settle in quietly and plan your day, and the rest of your week.

You may also want to consider scheduling your Monday meetings for after lunch to allow you and those you’re meeting with get a hang of the day before handling matters arising.

  1. Drink water to boost brain activities.

It is no news that water is an important part of the human life: it helps your metabolism, hydrates you and keeps your organs up and sharp. Brain tissue is 75% water and dehydration deprives the brain of fuel to work with. As a result of this shortage, you may experience frequent feelings of tiredness, short attention span, mood swings.

Also, work stress may push you to unhealthy eating habits through snacking and incessant munching. This will eventually lead to unhealthy weight gain that may affect your self-image and plunge you into further depression. Drinking water gives you a feeling of fullness and you can avoid major unhealthy munching.

  1. Prepare for Monday on Sunday.

You’ll have a better start to your day if you don’t have to dash about first thing in the morning to organize your work resources and decide what outfit to wear.

Image result for work clothes arranged

Preparing ahead will help you to avoid silly mistakes, reduce the chances for lateness and boost your confidence level. So, be a boy scout; be prepared!

  1. Breathe!

In all, taking deep regular breathes will help you to approach each task with calmness and composure. Remember that Monday is a day and you are awesome!





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