6 Tips To Become A Brilliant Student


The key to becoming a brilliant student is learning to study smarter. While some students are able to pass with minimal effort, majority have to develop and apply effective studying habits.

The following are some useful tips to become a brilliant student

Avoid cramming

Ever found yourself freaking out because you have not finished reading a topic, hand-out and you feel the best thing to do is to cram the whole thing for your test or exam. You need to stop that, an important habit to make you an effective student, is to avoid cramming, no matter how short or lengthy the topic to cover may be. The best way to avoid cramming, leads us to our next point.

Plan time to study

To be a brilliant student, you must plan your time in and out of the class to study, in the class, take comprehensive notes, avoid distractions which can come in form of electronic gadgets or side talks. Outside the class, create a enough time for assignments, to review what you learnt in class, study and prepare for tests or exams, doing this daily or weekly allows you to effectively cover all you have to for your test or exam, which will cramming not necessary.

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Have a goal to achieve at the end of each study session

Studying without direction is ineffective, you need to highlight what it is you want to achieve at the end of your study session, before your study session, set a goal that supports your overall academic goal (it can be to finish 2 topics at the end of the study session, or to complete that assignment).

Avoid procrastinating study session

At times it’s easy to procrastinate the time to study, either because of lack of interest, dislike for the subject on the time table to study. Never procrastinate your study session, as your study can become less effective, and procrastination leads to rushing, and rushing is number one cause of errors.

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Avoid distractions

Everyone gets distracted by something. It maybe the television, phone, game, roommates, friends or maybe your family. Some people actually study better with a little background noise. When you’re distracted while studying you; lose your train of thought and you may be unable to focus, both of which will lead to very ineffective studying.

Have an effective study group

Studying in groups is very useful as it enables you to; get help from others when you’re struggling to understand a concept, complete assignments more quickly, and it gives you the opportunity to teach others, whereby helping both the other students and yourself to internalize the subject matter. However, study groups can become very ineffective if they’re not structured and if groups members come unprepared.

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The study group may not work for everyone as some people prefer studying alone.

Most importantly, you need to know and understand your learning style, ask for help when necessary, stay motivated and take very good care of yourself. When you are healthy you will study well.

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