Ladies: Best Ways To Give Your Man Bl0wjob

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Ladies,  below are few positions to give your man the best bl0wjob experience ever when sitting, standing, lying down and more.

Against the wall: “When having s3x in the standing position, slowly undress your man and give him a bl0wjob, you can either try this when having s3x in the shower or against the wall”.

On a chair: “You can give your man a bl0wjob by making him sit at the edge of the couch or a chair. To make it more interesting, you can also try it out on a rocking chair”.

On floor: “Recreate the classic doggy style s3x position but this time with your partner on knees and you giving him a blowjob from the back”.

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On bed: “What’s best than trying 69 on bed when you lie on your man and give him a blow job?the best part of this is that even your man can perform oral s3x on you at the same time”.


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