Nigerians React To Police Statement On Increasing Jungle Justice In Lagos


Following at least three acts of jungle justice recorded across Lagos in the past one week, the State’s Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, yesterday warned residents of the state against subjecting suspected criminals to jungle justice.

However, spoke with some Nigerians who expressed a significant level of distrust in the Police over handling suspected criminals.

A Lagos state official who craved anonymity said, “I’m indifferent about it. I won’t be a part of it if I was there but then I won’t try to stop them because these kidnappers cause a lot of pains to their victims and the victims’ family members too.”

“I won’t advice handing them to the police either because Nigeria Police can let them go after being bribed.”

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Another Nigerian, who simply identified himself as Virusbeatz said, “Jungle justice should not be encouraged in today’s community. But in Nigeria today when you report a crime and the following week you see the criminal walking the streets, that’s the reason why some people take laws into their own hands.”

“But what the community of today fail to understand is the, ‘What if?’ factor. What if the person is innocent? What if he has accomplice(s)? There are further questions that if jungle justice is used to address, no one will know the answer to it.”

Amina said, “The angry mob feel they’ll still be released if they get handed to the police.”

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“I am not an advocate of jungle justice, but if these people are capable of killing their fellow humans, then they shouldn’t be pardoned.”

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