Tips On How To Pleasure Every Spot On Your Woman’s Body


It is a well-known fact that the cl!toris is one of the major sensitive parts in a woman’s body but that is not the only spot that can drive a woman over the edge with passion when stimulated. So ladies and gentlemen, in this article we will be highlighting those spots in a lady’s body that can give her a satisfying and pleasurable s3x.

Lips: A woman’s lips are super sensitive, and one can amp up the sensitivity by switching between a deep passionate kiss and soft sensual kisses, both partners will surely enjoy the feeling.

Ears: A gentle touch on the ears can feel awesome, all you need do is trace the outer edge of a woman’s ear with tongue or finger and whisper something s3xy to those ears and the dirty talks will awaken all other spots in her.

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Nape of the neck: “This area has a lot of nerve endings which is the reason why this area is so sensual, any nibbling, kissing and caressing this area will give a woman shiver all over her body”.

Nipples: “Women have sensitive nipples but the type of sensations they prefer is what you need to find out as a man, whether gentle caresses or soft nibbling varies so make sure you know what your partner wants and use the right pressure and be sure to make your partner speak up if it is a little too rough”.

Lower back: You can also add a quick back massage to your foreplay with your woman, the back is a delightful spot that will help her relax her pelvis and make s3x feel great, so guys massage the base of her spine before you hit the sack”.

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Inner thighs: “Her inner thigh is packed with nerve clusters, but it will need more pressure than any other sensitive spots in her body, nibble, kiss and even trace an ice cube up and down her thighs and watch her go crazy with passion”.


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